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Booking the Swing Room

The swing room is open for members to use and for coaching sessions with the club professional.
We are now at the stage to be able to open our new state of the art Swing room to our members.

Below you will find some details on how you are able to firstly, be trained on the swing room software and then hire the room out.

Over the last few month’s we have been busy training up ‘superusers’ and ‘trainers’ ready for the opening. These people are listed below;-

Super users
Anthony Millar, John Brown, Sandy Howarth, Bernard Ginns, Stuart Yeardsley

Jeff Blackburn, Penny Blackburn, Peter Hiles, John Marriage, Maxine Rowlands, Karen Goodhew, Eileen Daniels, Tom Freeman, Alan McMahon, Mike Seddon, Matt Grant, Louise Freeman, Louise Aspden, Jan Morris, Kevan Morris, Simon Hamnett, Tony Jackson, Bob Entwistle, Steve Shepherdson (Left-Handed), Gerry Buckley (Left-Handed), Tony Gaynor (Left-Handed)

To be able to book and use the swing room, you will first need to be trained on how to use the swingroom, this includes H+S, Software, system setup and close down.
Training will take approximately 1.5 hours.

If you are interested in being trained then Please contact one of the above and book on at the pro shop. Where possible we ask that training is done as groups of 4 including trainer.

Once trained, you will be able to utilise the swingroom in groups of up to four.

Unfortunately we are currently not able to accomodate Juniors.

Booking information
To book a session in the swingroom, whether it be to practice or play a round at one of 1000’s courses included (it is recommended that a group playing 18 holes, will require a 2 hour booking slot). Then you will need to do one of the following ;-

When the Pro shop is open booking and payment can be taken in there. Once the shop has closed, bookings and payments can be made over the bar. Please note the Swing room will be locked when not in use.

If you require any more information or have any queries. Feel free to contact one of the following ;-
Sandy Howarth 07568 910602
Anthony Millar 07756 218510
Stuart Yeardsley 07455 903224

Swing room Admin team
Course Status
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01.10.2022 06:29
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Course open, Please give contractors and green staff priority at all time’s.Thank You.
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